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In pursuit of our mission to create wealth for our members we have come up with yet another great innovation! We have acquired the EABL Corporate Centre on a sale leaseback agreement with EABL.To do this we have registered a Special Purpose Vehicle Called Tembo Trio Investment Ltd, a limited Liability Company.

What is Coporate Center?

Corporate Centre (Also Known as Tusker House) is a four storied building sitting on approx 2.5 acres of land.It houses the headquaters of East African Breweries Limited.The house is strategically positioned next to the Garden City Mall and other upcoming high end developments

What do i stand to gain by buying the shares?

  • Collectively, we have an opportunity to own a prime property
  • We are assured of full occupancy during the term of the lease
  • Expected returns in the next five years to be between 7- 8% p.a
  • The house sits on approx 2.5acres thus an opportunity to put up other developments in the future
  • Capital gain as the area is fast growing and appreaciating in value

How do i apply for the shares?

In total we are floating 142,300 shares.One share is Ksh.5,000 (Five Thousand Only).All you need is to fill up a share appication form(Expression Of Interest) click here to download, and return to us latest by 20th July 2016 for purposes of allocation of the shares

Members who wish to be funded by Tembo Sacco should fill up the Hisa Loan Application Form click here to downloads and return to us by 20th July 2016.No guarantors are needed as the security for the loan will be the shares purchased.You can download the forms from our website under downloads

Who is eligible to buy the shares?

  • Tembo Sacco members
  • Tembo Ventures Members
  • Tembo Investment Members