Tembo Sacco has helped so many people achieve their dreams

Tembo helped me finish my studies in S.Africa

I joined Tembo Sacco in 2016 with an aim of saving money for myself and my son as a single mother. In 2018 I needed to go back to school and the course which I wanted to do was offered in a different style than the one that was offered in South Africa. After multiple applications in 2017, I applied again in 2018 January and awaited the feedback. In July 2018, I got the news that I have been accepted and I needed to report I September. I never knew how I will handle the travel, fee and living expenses down in South but I told myself I need to do it since opportunity comes ones.

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I have been a member of Tembo Sacco since I joined the company in the year 2012. I was attracted to the Sacco after I heard inspiring stories from my colleagues. Staff from Tembo also came to the site and interacted with us during the induction process and took us through the benefits of being a member, the joining process and some of their exciting products.

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Tembo Sacco has always been at hand to give support for my financial needs in the form of instant and long-term loans. Above all I will ever remember Tembo for aiding me finish my house when I acquired a loan. I now live comfortably in the house after my retirement. Pictures are able to tell it all.


My late mum was diagnosed with Cancer and for 3 years, that she managed to sail through, cost of medication was very high. The family finances were heavily drained. I approached Tembo and was able to get loans to sustain my Mum’s medication till the last minutes. Thanks Tembo for having various affordable products to choose from.

Working with Tembo, I managed to clear mortgage balance of the current house I am living in currently.

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Mine has been a journey and looking back at my achievements with Tembo Sacco, it is a story worth sharing....

Without going into so many details, TEMBO SACCO enabled me save and one thing I came to realize is that it's better to save through a Sacco than a commercial bank. The benefits with Sacco are immense and outweigh the mainstream banks.

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Hi, this is my testimony about power of Joining Sacco and saving and borrowing wisely. I have been taking loans since 2015 and finally I have this and others. So, I will encourage everyone who is a member to save and borrow. When you borrow use the money for intended purpose and you will realize the benefit.


I wish to take this opportunity to write a brief testimonial on Tembo Sacco of which i am a member who have enjoyed services from this great organization.

  • Savings as a member: Tembo has set a reasonable minimum saving of ksh 1000 per month. This opens a door for a majority of people with humble wages.
  • Customer service: Tembo has very friendly and helpful staff members, - As a Member one gets timely updates when systems are down and one receives monthly statement on ones account.
  • Wide category of loans: e.g. Normal loan and Jumbo whose interest repayment period is very friendly, in my opinion.
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My project was renovation of my school and adding more rooms. Thank you so much Tembo Sacco


Hello, Am happy to part of Tembo Sacco,it has really changed my life and even helped me invest in a business of greenhouse which I have received returns miraculously.

Fountain Christian Academy

I am a member of Tembo SACCO, and I bought a plot, two private and one commercial vehicle, courtesy of proceeds from the SACCO loans. Little did I know then that Tembo SACCO would be with me, all the way….Milele.

My wife and I are both very passionate about providing high quality education, while molding young children to become of good character early in life as they build their careers. It was therefore almost natural and driven by the passion we easily identified a gap in quality education in Isiolo town for young children (of pre-school age).

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